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Pr Francoise Bedon Paris Soin Repousse Active Multi-vitamines 3.50oz

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This Paris Soin Repousse Active Multi-Vitamines from Dr. Francoise Bedon is a powerful and effective hair regrowth Formulated with a blend of essential vitamins, this helps to stimulate, activate and strengthen the scalp, while protecting it from any damage. With regular use, you can expect to see a fuller and healthier head of hair.


  • Stimulates and activates hair regrowth
  • Rich in essential vitamins
  • Strengthens and protects the scalp
  • Promotes fuller, healthier hair
  • Regular use for best results

Key Benefits:

  • Stimulates hair regrowth and strengthens the scalp
  • Protects hair from damage
  • Promotes thicker, healthier hair
  • Contains essential vitamins for nourishment and growth


Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Zinc Oxide