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Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade 3.38 oz

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Morgan’s Pomade 1.76 oz / 49.9 g Amber Jar The World’s famous Pomade. The classic solution to grey and ageing hair, tried and tested since 1873. Gradually darkens grey hair over a period of three to four weeks without the use of conventional dyes. Regular use enables the user to achieve a suitable hair colour shade over a short period of time which can be maintained by increasingly less frequent, applications. Enriched with Wheat Germ Oil – contains Vitamin E. BENEFITS OF USING HAIR DARKENING POMADE Gradually darkens grey hair Moisturises and smooths hair Leaves hair soft and manageable Helps eliminate frizz Styles and adds shine to dry hair Nourishes the scalp Contains natural beeswax Contains Wheatgerm Oil (the most concentrated natural source of Vitamin E) which helps to reduce inflammation, repairs damage to the hair follicles and help encourage hair growth DIRECTIONS Rub the pomade well into the roots and evenly over the hair. Brush as usual.

Key Highlights:

  • Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade is a hair styling product that also helps to darken hair.
  • It provides a strong hold that keeps hair in place all day.
  • This pomade is enriched with natural ingredients that promote healthy hair.
  • Comes in a 3.5 oz jar that's perfect for travel or on-the-go styling.

Key Ingredients:

  • Wheat Germ Oil


  • Apply a small amount of Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade onto your palms.
  • Rub the pomade between your hands to warm it up.
  • Apply the pomade onto your hair and style as desired.