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Fair & White ARGAN RADIANCE BODY WASH | GOLD 1000ml | 33.8floz | USA

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GOLD SHOWER GEL FORMULA: is improved with an empowering scent of Apricot Seed Powder that advance a rich frothing activity to relax and rejuvenate drained, focused skin delicately. Its breathtaking and sensitive erotic scent sets off a sensation of prosperity and newness, the entire day.

SCRUB YOUR BODY: This body wash gives actual shedding to mellow harsh skin and eliminate dull skin cells, working on generally speaking brilliance. Cell reinforcement rich L-ascorbic acid and E advance an all the more even complexion while apricot seed remove firms the tone.

MAXIMISE THE BENEFITS:  Apply day to day by kneading all around the body during your shower. To stay away from additional installment, consistently circle back to our Skin Safeguard SPF 50 Sunscreen day to day during and in the wake of lighting up treatment.