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CT+ Clear Therapy Carrot Cream 200 ml

by CT+
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Ct+ Clear Therapy Plus Body Brightening Carrot Cream 200mL is the perfect solution for those who want to deeply nourish and protect their skin while achieving a brighter, healthier-looking glow. This nutrient-rich cream is blended with pure carrot oil and extracts of carrot seed to help protect the skin from the effects of daily aggressors. It also provides 72 hour hydration and helps to make the skin feel smoother, brighter and more moisturized in the sun. With regular use, you will notice a visible improvement in your skin's texture and a noticeable increase in its natural radiance.

Key Highlights:

  • Blended with pure carrot oil and extracts of carrot seed
  • Provides 72 hour hydration for skin
  • Protects skin from daily aggressors
  • Gives skin a brighter, healthier-looking glow
  • Visibly improves skin texture and increases its natural radiance
  • Contains for enhanced protection and nourishment

    Key Ingredients: 

    • Aqua (Purified water), Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Petroleum
    • Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Fruit Acid (AMA), Kojic Acid
    • Allantoin, Silicon Oil, BHT, Lorol C16, Lorol C18
    • Carrot Oil, Parfum


    • Apply twice a day after bath or shower.