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Clear Touch Shea Butter Repairing Soap 90 g

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This luxurious shea butter soap is the perfect way to nourish and restore your skin. It is made with natural ingredients and rich shea butter to help moisturize and soothe dry, irritated skin. The creamy lather will help cleanse and protect your skin without stripping natural oils, leaving you feeling clean, soft, and refreshed. With its gentle, non-irritating formula, this soap is perfect for all skin types. Enjoy the luxurious feel of this repairing soap and treat your skin to the nourishment it needs.

Key Highlights:

  • Rich shea butter helps nourish and restore skin
  • Natural ingredients cleanse and protect skin
  • Creamy lather to cleanse without stripping natural oils
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula perfect for all skin types
  • Luxurious feel leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed

    Key Ingredients: 

    • Shea Butter


    • Wet hands or body.
    • Create lather by rubbing soap between palms.
    • Apply lather to hands or body.
    • Massage in circular motions for 30 seconds to a minute.
    • Rinse off with clean water and pat dry.