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Blue Magic Argan Oil Vitamin E Leave In Conditioner 13.75oz / 190g

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Blue Magic Argan Oil Vitamin-E Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight and nourishing conditioner that helps to restore your hair's natural moisture balance. Formulated with 100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco, this leave-in conditioner helps to detangle, soften and add shine to your hair without the need for a heat cap. It can be used daily to protect your hair against dryness and damage, giving you healthy, manageable and beautiful looking hair.

Key Highlights:

  • Made with 100% Pure Argan Oil from Morocco
  • Lightweight and nourishing conditioner
  • Helps to restore hair's natural moisture balance
  • Detangles and adds shine to hair
  • No need for a heat cap
  • Protects against dryness and damage
  • Leaves hair looking healthy and manageable

Key Ingredients:

  •  Argan Oil
  • Vitamin E


  • Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  • Take a small amount of Blue Magic Argan Oil Vitamin E Leave In Conditioner in your hand.
  • Apply the conditioner to your hair, focusing on the ends and damaged areas.
  • Gently distribute the conditioner through your hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.
  • Leave the conditioner in your hair and style as desired. No rinsing is necessary.